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Custom Home Floor Plan Trends

Custom Home Trends | January 23, 2020

Keeping up with the latest custom home floor plan trends will help you make an informed decision about how the layout of your new home should look. At Jaheny Custom Builders, we can help you create a functional custom home floor plan that will continue to work well for your family for years to come. Some of the different floor plan trends that you should consider including in your home design include:

Utilizing Great Rooms

While the concept of open floor plans has been a staple in modern homes for years, the idea of one cohesive great room is still continuing to gain popularity. Great rooms are sleek, open, and airy spaces that work to combine the living room, dining room, and kitchen into one large, prominent room.

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Creating Natural Paths

The best home floor plans are the ones that create smart movement and pathways throughout the home. Since the rise of open-concept floor plans, more and more homes have begun eliminating dead-end rooms in favour of having multiple exits in one room.

Letting in More Light

Part of the reason that custom home builders love open-concept floor plans is because of how much natural light they let into the space. No matter what style of window you want to use throughout your home, adding in as many expansive windows as possible is the ideal option for home’s being built today.

Focusing on Energy Efficiency

Sustainable floor plans are continuing to rise in popularity with homeowners, as they allow for innovative home designs that generate lower energy bills while also being kind to the environment. Consider having recycled building materials, strategically place windows, and passive solar capabilities incorporated into your floor plan design.

Incorporating Straight Lines

The shift towards using more minimalistic design features has led to the desire for more crisp, clean lines and simple floor plan designs. The most popular home design trends today feature straight archways, linear molding, and rectangular patterns.

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Making Space for Mudrooms

As more and more homeowners are pushing for better organization options, custom home builders have begun to shift toward increasing the prominence and size of mudrooms. Consider having your oversized mudroom equipped with cubbies, shoe racks, and lots of shelving for increased efficiency and organization.

Expanding Bathroom Spaces

Spacious bathroom floor plans continue to rise in popularity. Today, bathrooms that have multiple options to accommodate more people, such as featuring both a soaking tub and shower, are all the rage.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Floorplan

Before selecting a floorplan for your new custom home, you should take into consideration the following:

1. Your Lifestyle

One of the biggest things that you should take into consideration when selecting a floorplan for a custom home is your lifestyle and the layout of rooms with consideration of your family’s size and the ages of your children. It is also a good idea to assess the floorplan of your current home to determine what the pros and cons are and whether or not you would like to try a different floorplan for your new home.

2. How Often You Entertain

If you entertain guests on a regular basis, consider selecting a floorplan that is centered on entertaining and welcoming guests the second they walk through the front door. This type of floorplan can include open living and dining spaces and a large foyer.

If you and your family are more private and rarely have guests over, consider opting for a more formal living space near the front of the house. This space will allow guests to have a comfortable place to sit, while keeping the rest of your home private.

3. Areas that Need Special Accessibility

Make sure to think about the future when selecting a floorplan for your new custom home. Consider whether or not you may have a live-in family member who needs extra space to maneuver or if you plan on having children who will need wider hallways to run around in.

4. Size of Outdoor Living Areas

Since the floorplan of your custom home will most likely include an outdoor leisure area, such as a porch, swimming pool, or other amenities, make sure to take into consideration how much time your family will spend outdoors.

If you would like to learn more custom home floor plan trends or how to choose the right floorplan for your home, or if you are interested in our custom home building services, please contact Jaheny Custom Builders at 604-551-0320 or 604-307-0450 or by filling out a contact form on our website.