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Why Build an Eco-Friendly Home?

Custom Home Design | January 9, 2020

Understanding why you should build an eco-friendly home and the benefits of doing so will help you determine if using environmentally friendly materials when building a custom home is in your best interests. At Jaheny Custom Builders, we want to help you create a comfortable and functional home that you will love for years to come. That is why we will take the time to work closely with you to incorporate eco-friendly materials into the overall design.

Reasons to Build an Eco-Friendly Home

Using green building alternatives when designing your new custom home can help you live a more sustainable and resource-friendly lifestyle. Some of the main reasons to consider building an eco-friendly home include:

1. Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly homes produce fewer carbon emissions through efficient energy use, keep trash out of landfills, and lessen the impact of new construction on the world’s finite resources. By using energy-efficient, renewable, or recycled materials when building a custom home, you can lower your environmental footprint and improve overall sustainability. By taking even a few small steps toward using more environmentally friendly materials, you will also be able to help spread cultural value for encouraging more green building in the future.

2. Save Time

Using the right eco-friendly materials in the right places throughout your home is an easy way to help reduce the amount of time spent on construction. In order to save time on the overall construction of your new custom home, you can also consider buying locally available materials to help support small businesses, keep money in the local economy, and reduce the home’s carbon footprint by minimizing the amount of fuel needed to transport the materials to the building site.

3. Protect Your Health

Traditional home building materials—paints, plastics, building materials, and indoor products—tend to contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as carcinogens, irritants, or toxins, which are not optimal for the health of you and your family members. In some cases, traditional materials may also encourage moisture buildup, leading to toxic mould or mildew problems and air pollution problems. When building your custom home, consider choosing non-VOC and moisture resistant products, as well as installing enhanced air-quality systems, to help better protect your health and the environment.

If you would like to learn more about why you should build an eco-friendly home, or if you are interested in our custom home building services, please contact Jaheny Custom Builders at 604-551-0320 or 604-307-0450 or by filling out a contact form on our website.