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With Jaheny Custom Builders, clients can be confident that their project will be properly directed and delivered on time.

Our experienced team can manage any kind of home build.

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Custom Homes

By engaging in every stage of the home building process, we create homes that exceed the hopes and expectations of our clients. Throughout our building process, we maintain accountability and transparency in our work and we communicate openly with our clients. We are involved in the project from day one, ensuring that every step is achieved with quality and integrity.

Custom Renovations

Every renovation handled by Jaheny Custom Builders is aimed at creating a beautiful new living space and increasing the value of the space for the client. We handle every step in the renovation process, including walk-through consultations, permit acquisition, budgeting, and the build itself.


Additions created by Jaheny Custom builders are aimed to blend the new with old in as seamless a manor as possible. Additions follow the same protocol as our new builds and renovations bringing added value and function to your existing space.